Welcome to 1Y London

A Resourceful Partner

Our team will find creative solutions with quality partners within our business network. We are providing property, technology and commodities throughout EMEA, North America and the Indian sub-continent. Our approach is more of a consultative methodology and has been successful in all aspects of our business operations.

Our primary focus is Oil & Gas, participating on all levels from procurement to distribution. Through our track record and relationships 1Y London Ltd offers its partners and clients a unique position as an established global partner for trading physical products. We have long standing relationships with a number of public and private international organizations.


Oil & Gas Products

1Y has a process that both protects and speeds up the buying process for all parties involved. 1Y work directly with end-buyers, end-sellers and buyer’s mandates for crude oil and petroleum products buying and selling.



Working in the UK , Portugal, Spain has enabled 1Y to build strong business relationships and having a clear vision and foresight to work on unique projects in key locations which guarantee success.



1Y take a consultative approach to the market and look to provide the latest technology and solutions, looking at payment platforms , Fintech and standard business models which include VoIP, SMS and Mobile technology.